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Dec 6, 2013 4:00am PST
low wages-- the economy is growing... the gdp number out yesterday came in at 3.6%. that is strongest economic growth in 1 and half years. the number was revised up from an earlier estimate of 2.8%. what's troubling to wealth manager juli niemann is that consumer spending grew just 1.4% "the economy is not really rocketing upward, it's slogging upward. so it's just not as wildly good news as it looks like it would be on first blush here." the real driver of the economic growth is coming from the businesses building up inventories. some fear that however, could be a negative factor going into the final quarter of the year. tech and start ups as the area adding strength. "i look at now where the dow jones is, but where nasdaq is. if nasdaq is at 4,000, we've got a pretty strong economy, at least in the tech sector. if goes to 2500, then we're in real trouble." that was howard anderson-- senior lecturer at the mit sloan school of managmement the gdp report also points to a smaller drop in government spending... that suggests the across the board budget cuts are having less of an effect-
Dec 4, 2013 4:00am PST
or even less than that. so i think that with the onward expansion in our economy the big banks will benefit in 2014. > >thank you for your insights larry. > >thank you. a legal blow is happening to the people of detroit who were hopining to be spared losing pension money in the nation's largest bankruptcy filing. federal judge ruled: the motor city is eligible for chapter 9 bankrutcy protection.the concludes cutting pensions of retired city workers can be included in detroit's financial re- organization. detroit's emergency manager kevyn orr -- appointed by michigan's governor says "we are gratified with court's ruling-- it allows a clean slate and fresh start to remove crushing debt" a national pension fund spokewoman says: " modest pensions of detroits firefighters, police officers, and other city employees could be all but wiped out, even as wall street banks continue to extract hundreds millions of dollars from the city's economy. an attorney tell us city officials cannot sole use pension funds to pay debts. the judge mentioned this, the cuts have to fair and equitable whic
Dec 3, 2013 4:00am PST
demographics and different markets for each one of them. big market shares to gain in the emerging economies, particularly in china. put them both in your stocking this christmas season. > >thank you lincoln ellis. > >you bet. retailers are seeing a spike in "online" shopping-- but it's too soon to tell if it'll make up for the slight drop in sales over the thanksgiving weekend. our cover story looks at who's gaining in the big push of the short shopping season. shares of internet retailer e- bay advanced in trading on cyber monday-- closing at 51- 35. while amazon declined to $392-30. retailers look for online sales to hit two-billion dollars for the first time ever, capping the first wave of holiday shopping. "there's good bargains. maybe 30--35% off." the short holiday shopping season---shorter by six days including a valuable weekend led some to push cyber monday into the weekend, much as brick and morter retailers pushed black friday earlier. "inovember one started with promotions that made it seem like, "black november. but some retailers started in september." so far, it has been l
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am PST
owners however says they can't raise pay due to weakness in the economy. chuck coppola - picks up the story with more on wage equality.. fast-food workers and others who want their minimum wage jobs to pay more are planning a nationwide strike today. it coincides with our cover story's look at the push to help more americans find jobs that pay enough to support a family. the year-long push for higher wages is gaining support---from san francisco which raised its minimum to 10-55 an hour. to the d.c. council, which is about to send an 11-50 minimum wage bill to washington d.c.'s mayor. wednesday, president obama called income inequality "the defining challenge of our time." "we've got to move beyond the false notion that this is an issue exclusively of minority concern. and we have to reject a politics that suggests any effort to address it in a meaningful way somehow pits the interest of a deserving middle class against those of an underserving poor in search of handouts." while the president spoke, u.s. labor secretary thomas perez toured chicago-based recruiting firm, seaton co
Dec 9, 2013 4:00am PST
market get a lot stronger. the car market is a lot stronger than the overall economy by a considerable margin. and there's a few reasons for that, one of which is the fact interest rates are low." nerad says that's in contrast to the recession years from '07 to '09 when manufacturing was down... which led to a shortage of used cars a couple years later. now that we're coming out of that... and the supply of used cars is more plentiful... nerad says it's more important than ever to find a vehicle with good resale value. he says toyota is the best overall brand in kelly blue book's 2014 best resale value awards. the car maker placed four trucks in the top ten... including the four runner. kelly blue book also named jeep wrangler and chevy camaro as two models distinct enough to earn a spot in the top ten. and nerad said lexus was crowned the luxury brand winner... for the third year in a row. automotive news reports that the industry had its strongest selling rate in more than six years in november... bumped a bit by black friday incentives. thank you diane-- sears is spinning off its l
Dec 2, 2013 4:00am PST
on artificial economy. i think that they have done a lot of things. we still don't have growth and we still don't have jobs. we'll see on friday if the jobs come back but we really have no real growth. earnings has been a morage because we've only made money on companies that have cut costs and not on real top line earnings growth. we're not seeing the revenue growth. > >i'd like to also ask you about bitcoins. they have hit a new record..would you buy? > >i think bitcoin right now is an illiquid currency. that is really used more in the black market. bitcoin at some time could become viable. but here you just have really the gamblers and the people trying to hide money hoping that bitcoin is the item for them. > >one last one. we just came back from a lot of driving. gas prices were pretty low. what do you think about oil? > >i think we've got a glut in oil in this country. we are now a net exporter of oil. now iran is trying to make a treaty with us here. so i think gas prices continue to go lower as does crude oil. > >good to know. todd horwitz of average joe options dot com. thanks very muc
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6